Engagement in the Classroom

The purpose of my action research is find new ways to use technology to promote classroom engagement, thereby increasing the efficacy of the lesson.

I began by asking what would happen if new systems and technology available could be used in an academic way rather than a strictly for social or entertainment purposes? Specifically, what new innovations for equipment/software could be used in the classroom to make the lesson more effective that are not widely viewed in educational aspects?

I hope to demonstrate how I am improving my practice, as well as how I can contribute to the body of literature by providing a review of the most recent research on the subject matter in order to inspire educators to look at new systems and technology differently.  Rather than seeing programs as only having one purpose or to fear learning a new system, I hope to expand thinking to allow for all that is possible by using systems in which many students are already familiar with like social media sites to enhance and reinforce new information.